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Hawaii Guidebooks

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I recently ordered some guidebooks about Kauai and Oahu from Amazon. They got really good reviews, and rightfully so. These books are great. In addition to giving honest opinions about businesses on the island and must-see locations, they also provide info on things that you would have never thought of, such as which side of the airplane you should sit on to get the best view. If you're going to Hawaii, make sure you pick up copies for yourself.

More on Airfare Pricing

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Sandy just booked her inter-island flights. I think she's on the same plane as us. We paid $160 per person. How much did Sandy pay? $96. I hate the airline industry. How is this fair?

Hotwire Rocks!

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I just booked my car rentals for the two islands. I did a bunch of research, and the prices I got from Hotwire were significantly cheaper than anywhere else I looked. I booked a minivan on each island. For Kauai, it's a 7-day rental, for just under $300. And on Oahu, it's an 8-day rental for just under $400. That's after taxes and everything! Everywhere else I looked was more than that before taxes, and taxes are really expensive. I figure I saved at least $300 on the rentals. I guess I can put that money towards the car seat that I need to get for Domino. That'll be around $50 each week.

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