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Inter-Island Flights Booked

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Rob's dad took care of booking the inter-island flights for us today. I trust his judgement to find the best deal. We're taking HawaiianAir, and its costing us $160 per person for the round trip flights.

Flights Booked

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Rob's father, Bill, emailed me today to let me know what flight he booked. When I got the message, I immediately started working on the reservations so my family could get on the same flight. What a pain in the butt it was! I couldn't book the flights online, because the best price was apparently only available if I called Northwest Airlines to book the flight. But this wasn't just an NWA flight, it was an NWA flight operated by Delta. So I first had to call NWA to book the flight, but then I had to call Delta to arrange seats. Then call NWA back because I wasn't ticketed yet to book the seats. Then call Delta back to arrange the seats. We've got "bulkhead seating" because of Showbo. However, they're telling me that they need to reserve bulkhead seats for other service animals, too, so they're only giving me two seats next to each other. I guess Domino may sit with Marie, and I'll be in the row behind or something. I suppose I could sit with Showbo and Domino and Marie could sit in my seat, if we wanted to move around. Cost of the roundtrip flights? $875.90 per ticket. Flying out of Philadelphia, with one stop in Salt Lake City. We still haven't received confirmation on the timeshare, but there's no turning back now!

No Timeshare Yet

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Well, my timeshare request for Kauai still hasn't come through, so I decided to take a look at RedWeek.com to see what's available at the resort Rob is staying at. Nothing available the week I need, but it appears that it would be around the $2500 range if it were.

What the heck is the difference between a $24k yearly purchase and the $80k (or even $40k) yearly purchase?! Crazy. The every other year purchase seems reasonable for between $13.5 and $20k. I mean, I paid around $9.8k for my "2 weeks every other year" unit at Williamsburg Plantation (which is really a 2-br that they allow me to lock off and make into two weeks, and somehow Interval International allows the lock-off unit to exchange for a 2-br unit).

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