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Garozzo Family Vacation to Hawaii!

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My best friend Rob recently invited my family to stay with him for a week in Hawaii, early 2009! Are you kidding me? Hawaii?! Unbelievable! My family has never been to Hawaii. It's one of those dream vacation destinations. And my best friend wants my family to join him in his two-bedroom Marriott timeshare resort on Oahu. Wow! He's actually going to be down there with his family for two weeks; one week he'll be staying with his parents and his sister, and the other week, he's got his own place, and we'll be staying with him there. It doesn't make sense to fly that far and stay for only a week, so I'm going to try to trade a week from my timeshare in Williamsburg for a week in Hawaii for the week that I won't be staying with Rob.

To help remember this vacation, I've set up this blog, and plan to journal each step - from planning to the vacation itself. It's going to be quite an experience!

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