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Airfare Pricing

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There are a few things in the world that really make me mad, and airfare pricing is one of them. Sandy just checked prices on flights down to Hawaii, and the current rates are under $650 a ticket. That's about $225 less than I paid back in June! And to top it off, her flight even includes a meal. We have to pay for meals on our flights. Ugh! I called the airlines, and they said it's a non-refundable ticket, and there's basically nothing I can do about it. I could have saved nearly $700 had I waited until now to buy my tickets. Who would have known that?

It'll be Sandy in Hawaii

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I just got back from a week's vacation in Atlantic City. We were fortunate to have our friend, Sandy, join us to help with Marie and the kids. It was really nice to have the extra hand. After the trip was over, I half jokingly, half seriously asked Sandy if she would like to help us on our trip to Hawaii. Surprisingly enough, she said she would, as long as she could bring her husband, John, along. That's fine with me! It's going to be great having her help on our vacation!

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