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Hawaii Timeshare Confirmed

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I was checking my email today, and I received one from Interval International. It said that I should get travel insurance on my recent resort reservation confirmation. Huh? What confirmation? So I look back in my email, and sure enough, four days ago I received a confirmation that my timeshare for Hawaii has come through! Unfortunately, it's not in the same resort that my friend Rob and his family are staying at. In fact, it couldn't be any further away. They're staying on the south coast, and our place is on the north shore. And to top it off, the confirmation is for Friday to Friday - we're going to be arriving on Saturday and staying until Saturday. So, I guess we'll need to find a hotel for Friday night before we head to Oahu. Oh well. At least the timeshare came through at all.

Here's where we'll be staying: The Cliffs Club at Princeville. The place looks amazing.


Still No Timeshare

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I went on Interval's website and decided to go ahead and open up my Hawaii exchange request to anywhere on Kauai. It's getting kinda late, and I've decided that I'd rather save the money and stay anywhere than spend a ton of money and be near Rob. It's not a matter of a couple of hundred dollars - it's a difference of a few thousand. Anyway, we'll be staying with Rob on Oahu, and I'm sure we'll still get together once or twice on Kauai. Also, there's still a chance that something comes through near Rob. Right now, I'm hoping anything comes through at all.

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