BBQ at Uncle John's

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Well, I guess if we wanted to, we could say that the bad third thing to happen today was maybe that Carolena spilled some water or threw some mac and cheese on the floor. Nothing terribly bad, which is what I had hoped. And, on a positive note, it appears that Jen's camera may still be working.

The party at Uncle John's was very nice. We swam in his pool and had a lot of fun. There were these small inner tubes that I started diving through hands first. First one, then two. Then Mike gave it a try. He did one, and then decided to try the smaller one. When he dove through it, it only made it past his shoulders. It was the funniest thing to see this tiny inner tube stuck around Mike's chest! To get it out, he jumped in the pool feet first with his hands up in the air. I then decided to try diving through the small inner tube, and the same thing happened to me. It was so funny!

We are very delicious hamburgers and dogs, as well as John's special recipe beans, which were fantastic. We hung around and chatted and caught up. This was the first time that we all got to meet John's wife, Lynette, too. I took a "family picture" that I'll have to add to this entry soon.

Aunt Jane is taking a writing class, and the current assignment is to write about somebody. Jane decided that she wants to write about Marie, so she started interviewing her. Marie's only requirement was that she gets a copy of it when it's done. I hope Jane gets an "A" on her assignment.

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