Bad Things Come in Threes

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Hopefully not today.

This morning, Rachael, Marie, and I took the kids to the creek for a little exploring and swimming. It was rather adventurous, as the rocks were a little slippery. The water was very nice, though. Mike and Jen came along to watch, too. Rach held on to Carolena while I snapped pictures. Jen stayed close to the beginning and took pictures, too.

I hopefully got lots of good pictures using my Canon, but I didn't bring my iPhone, so I'll have to post the pics later. I waded out in the water with everybody else. The water got above my knees at points. Marie was without Showbo, and needed some help pointing her in the right direction. The kids each had their moments of adventure and crying for help.

Bad thing number one was Jen slipping not once, but twice on the rocks, falling into the water, dunking her camera underwater. I think Jen's okay, but I'm not sure about the camera yet. The only good thing about this is that just yesterday, Jen said that she wanted a new camera.

After we got back from the creek and washed up, Rach was making lunch for the kids. Easy Mac. Just add water and microwave. Nice and easy, right? Well, Rach and I had out backs turned, and Dad started yelling "something's burning!" We turned around, and smoke was pouring, and I mean pouring out of the microwave. I thought maybe Rach put the easy mac in the microwave for too long, but it was worse than that - she forgot to add the water. Ugh. It now smells like nasty burnt popcorn, and that smell takes a while to go away.

I don't know what bad thing number three will be. Hopefully it'll be something silly and not be all that bad. I need to get some lunch, and then we're going to be heading to Uncle John's for a dinner barbeque and swim.

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