World of Coke

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My family has opted to go to the World of Coke. First stop was the bathroom, of course, and it smells like Coke.

Overall, the tour was nice, but there were some things that made me really mad. First, the one thing that I really wanted to see was the bottling process, but the robots weren't working well, and the worker kept having to try to fit it, so I didn't get to see that working. Then, waiting for the 4-D movie, when the doors finally opened, they told me that I neede to go in the last row with the stroller. It would have been nice if they told me that earlier. And of course there's no way to go from the last row to another row without going out the doors and back in. And when we did that, the doors closed on us. Then the worker opened a door for us, but there wasn't enough seats in that row. So we had to go out and come back in again. By then, the movie had started without us. Why didn't they wait for us? We finally got situated, and of course, the 4-D movie scared Showbo and the kids. Fortunately, we made it through the whole movie. Then, of course, the checkout line that I got in was closed. It was neat to try some Coke products from around the world. And the tour was well done. So even though I had these complaints, I'd still recommend the tour. -- Post From My iPhone

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