Virginia Safai Park

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Saw a sign for the Virginia Safari Park, and decided to stop. Why not? Well, we went to pay, and they said "no dogs, no exceptions". I asked if that was against the law, and the lady said they were pivately owned and won't allow dogs on property, so I turned toward the exit. Marie is calling Canine Partners. CPL said to stand our ground, so we went back to a different teller, but she knew it was us with the dog. We were told again that it was privately owned. Then we were told that if we have the dog in the car that the animals would tear up the car, break our windows, and kill our dog. What kind of animals do they have here that would do that? And has that actually happened before? I think they're full of crap. They said that they have turned other service dogs away and have had the sheriff come out. We decided to leave. I pulled up out of the way, and started blogging. Then some lady came out of the building and told me to leave. I said I would, eventually, and they could call the cops if they want. Then she stared coming closer, so I inched forward so she would think I was leaving, and then I stopped again. She demanded that I leave immediately, so I flipped her off. I pulle forward and stopped again, and then she called in the recruits, so I slowly pulled away. Jerks. I'll have to file a report with the Federal Department of Justice, and possibly sue. -- Post From My iPhone

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