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We ended up at Shoney's for dinner. Food was fine. It was priced right, and my kids were free I think Carolena may have eaten more than Domino. And for the first time ever, I think Marie got her money's worth from a buffet.

After dinner, I headed down to the pool (by myself). I ended up not getting in the pool - the water seemed too cool, and with only about four strokes per lap, I didn't feel like working on my kick-flip that much. I ended up in the hot tub, which was nice. Looks like Domino is going to try and sleep in the same bed as Cousin Michael and Cousin Ileona. We'll see if she lasts all night. My guess is Domino will toss and turn too much, and she'll be sent back here sometime in the middle of the night. -- Post From My iPhone

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