Phillies Game

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Buddy Calahan was right - the traveling BBQ guy makes great pork and beef barbeque. Mike and I went and picked up a bunch of pork platters, beef platters, and two loaded potatoes. The platters came with a choice of cole slaw, potato salad, and baked beans. The beans were not spicy, but rather sweet. Too sweet for most of us to eat. But the beef and pork were fantastic.

The Phillies played a great game all the way until the bottom of the nineth, when they blew it. It was great to see Cousin Little John and his wife Lynette and Uncle Big John and Aunt Jane. We get to relax more with them tomorrow.

On the way out of the lot, there were some Phillies fans who were taunting cars on their way out. One guy had a big Phillies Championship belt that looked like a WWF champ belt, wearing a "Phucking World Champions" robe It was awesome. -- Post From My iPhone

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