Georgia 2009

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Greetings! This blog will serve as a journal for our family vacation to Georgia.

Back in February 2009, the whole family decided to take a vacation down to Atlanta to visit Big and Little John. We picked some dates in August to head down (while the Phillies were in town, of course!) and in March I started working on a place for us to stay.

I had looked into timeshare options, but with thirteen people, there wasn't much chance of getting us all into the same place. So I did a Google search for "Georgia cabin", and came across a Craigslist posting for a cabin in Talking Rock. Talking Rock is about an hour north of Atlanta, and this cabin looks amazing. Plus, it sleeps 12! With four little kids, we can all fit in here really well, so I booked it!

There have been a lot of emails about what to do. Jason took care of ordering us tickets to a Phillies game. There has been discussion about going to the World of Coke, the Aquarium, and more, but we still haven't finalized anything other than the Phillies game. Oh, and Mike and I are going fishing with Buddy Callahan on Friday morning. I'm hoping we catch enough fish to feed everybody.

Jen and Jason are flying down on Friday. The rest of us are driving down Wednesday. We're staying at a hotel a little past half-way down, and again on the way back.

Most of us have iPhones, so I'm hoping that everybody contributes to this blog!

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