Fish Fry

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On the way home from the Amicalola Falls, I stopped by the bait and tackle shop and Buddy pulled through for us. He was resting after his day of fishing, but his wife was there to give me the cleaned and deboned fish for the family. We didn't prepare it any real special way - just salt, pepper and butter, and threw it in the oven. It was mighty tasty! Thanks Buddy!

This morning will be the tough job of packing everything up and driving about 7 hours to Roanoke, where we'll be spending the night in a hotel. Not sure if we'll get to stop anywhere fun along the way, or if there'll be anything fun to do in Roanoke, but we'll see. I haven't done any research. I did see the Endless Caverns, on the way down. That would be fun. I guess we'll see what time it is when we get out of here, and when we get to the caverns.

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