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Ultimate Frisbee Summer League Finals

Team Sex
Team Sex
Top row: Barry L, Farmer John S, Alex D, Alex O, Alan S, Dave G
Bottom row: Ken K, Drake H, Dave B, Sarah A (Sass), Steph B
Missing: Nancy R, Dave T (Toad), Steve D, Nick D

Here are some videos that I took of our Ultimate Frisbee finals on Saturday, August 13th, 2005. It was about 100 degrees out and extremely humid. Please note that I don't have that great of a video camera, and I'm not the best camera operator. But I suppose these are better than nothing.

Hard to tell, but that was Farmer with the diving catch for the score.

Toad with an incredible diving catch!

We got beat this point with a sweet deep pass.

Great coaching from Drake. Barry to Farmer for the score.

Hot D by Alan. Lots of turnovers. The heat's getting to everybody.

First point of game 2. Awesome patience by Barry with a sweet pass to Sass.

Controversial "it's not an exact science" goal. I think he was out. You be the judge.

Learn more about Ultimate Frisbee at Ultimate Players Association (UPA). In the Philadelphia area, visit Philadelphia Area Disc Alliance (PADA).