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Speakable Items

Speakable Items is a feature built-in to the Mac operating system. In fact, it's been built-in since about 1993. By enabling this feature, your Mac will listen for commands that match the name of the AppleScript in the designated Speakable Items folder. When it hears something that matches, it will execute that script. The following are some scripts that I have written for my wife, who is blind. I hope you enjoy using them. And if you do, please PayPal me a donation. Thanks!

Weather Report - This Speakable Item retrieves the weather for the week from and speaks it. It requires XMLLib.osax by Satimage to parse the XML. You'll need to edit the script to put in the URL for your location, which should be as simple as changing the zip code to your own.

Program VCR - This script will prompt you for details on programming your VCR, and then send IR commands to your VCR to program it. It requires TitleTrack and a Slink-e device to send IR. If you have different hardware capable of sending IR commands, you can modify this script to fit your setup.

New scripts will be added as I find time to write them.